Trading estate landlord charged following fire safety breaches

Posted 02/09/2016 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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A Bristol trading estate landlord has been charged with £15,500 in fines after a routine fire safety audit discovered serious failings in fire safety. Mr Allan Dykes was found guilty of neglecting fire safety rules and charged with five offences regarding a property at the Bridge Road trading estate in the Kingswood area.

The audit came around after reports of concerns of people sleeping on the premise, which is illegal. Mr Dykes was found guilty of not ensuring the adequate fire precautions were in place including the lack of a fire alarm or emergency lighting. He had also failed to adequately sub-divide walls in the industrial unit; this is a to prevent a fire spreading between the two different rooms and is a necessary fire precaution.

The incident is set to be a reminder to anyone renting out a business, it is necessary that the correct fire precautions are put into place to prevent the risk in the event of a fire. If you would like any advice/help to ensure your property is appropriate feel free to contact us – we are available by phone on 0191 5237870 or email at [email protected]