Our services extend beyond those related to just accidents or emergencies – we can also provide security solutions to protect your workplace.


It’s inevitable that every corporate workplace can be susceptible to security risks, no matter how careful you are. Understanding these risks is key to minimising them, and MacDonald Martin can provide expert advice to help.


We want to make your place of work as safe as possible – our team of consultants can visit you on site, get to know your company and provide comprehensive security solutions to give you peace of mind.

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CCTV provides a range of security options for businesses of all sizes. Able to work as both a deterrent and a monitor for intruder activity, they are crucial for tracking down suspects if a break in were to occur.


Security Alarms

Security or intruder alarms are one of your first lines of defence against burglars – don’t take an unnecessary risk by leaving your workplace exposed without them. We can offer high quality, bespoke alarm solutions for your building.


Door Access Systems

Get peace of mind with our range of access control systems. From a simple intercom to fully automated gates and barriers, you can control who has authorised access to specific areas of
your building.

There’s never a bad time to make your workplace more secure – contact us on 0191 523 7870 today to discuss your needs.