We are a proactive organisation that aims to offer security measures that can best prevent arson and foul play from destroying your business. 

A Fire Risk Assessment can identify your business’ highest priority security services needs, but we can offer the following:

  • CCTV: Design, installation and maintenance
  • Door Access Systems: Design, installation and maintenance
  • Intruder Alarm Systems: Design, installation and maintenance

We can also offer the design, installation, and maintenance, of Home Intruder Alarm systems for domestic properties too. 

Arson accounted for 50.5% of all fires attended in 2017/18 by Fire & Rescue Services in the whole of the United Kingdom (213,782 fires attended; 108,024 deliberate). This is the largest single cause of fire attended by Fire & Rescue Services

National Fire Chiefs

Security Alarms

Essential for any business, security and intruder alarm systems are a vital deterrent for intruders and offer 24/7 protection and peace-of-mind.

Such an alarm system consists of equipment and sensors that work together to activate a siren when a break-in occurs. They can also be linked to a remote monitoring service to add increased protection, whether you have significant retail stock, high-tech equipment or high-value goods stored without protection for any duration of time.

Developments in the technology used within security alarm systems means they cause less disruption than ever to install, reducing disruption to your business and we can offer a consultancy service to ensure we recommend a bespoke alarm solution for you.


With a huge range of options available to businesses when it comes to CCTV systems, we offer a bespoke design and setup to suit individual organisation’s requirements. 

CCTV systems are an ideal deterrent to intruders, but can also monitor intruders’ movements were a break-in to occur.

Whether you need only one or two cameras, or a robust system of various cameras, we can provide an option to suit your business and budget, that provides footage with high-quality images that is easy to retrieve. 

Door Access Systems

Controlling who is coming in and out of your organisation’s buildings is an important way of ensuring the security of your business.

Door access systems come in many shapes and sizes, with various levels of complexity. We have the capability to provide access control systems for all levels, whether you’re looking for one audio intercom, or a fully automated access system requiring ID to be presented to pass through gates, barriers or doors – virtually anything is possible!

A secure, controlled door access system can provide security and ease-of-mind during office hours, as well as outside usual business operating hours too.

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4,900 non-dwelling building fires were started deliberately in 2013-2014.

Office for National Statistics, 2013-2014

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