Restaurant owner handed prison sentence following fire

Posted 19/09/2016 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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A Bristol restaurant owner has been given a suspended prison sentence following a fire on the premise.

Mr Calvin Chong Chi Yin, owner of the Dynasty restaurant, admitted to six breaches of fire safety and was given the six months behind bars suspended for eighteen months as well as being ordered to pay £2,000.

An inspection the day following the fire discovered the following breaches of the Regulatory Reform Safety Order:

  • Failure to carry out general fire precautions
  • Lack of suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment
  • Emergency exits were not kept clear
  • Failure to ensure exits lead to safety
  • Poor maintenance of fire alarm
  • Lack of maintenance to fire doors and compartmentation

It was heard that were it not for the defendants ‘good character and the fact he is a decent hardworking man’ that an immediate prison sentence may have been served.

The ruling acts as a reminder to business owners over the severity of not caring out adequate or correct safety measures. If you are worried about your premise breaching fire regulations, contact us today by phone on 0191 5237870 or email us at [email protected]