Petrol station owner fined after failing to comply to fire safety requests

Posted 12/04/2016 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service have set out to remind the operators of petrol stations of their legal responsibilities in the wake of a £4,000 fine for one owner in Bexhill, Sussex.

Mr Sultan Hayat, who is the owner of such station pleaded guilty to two offences after failing to comply with formal requests for information in regards to improvement and enforcement notices.

Back in November 2015, inspecting officers wrote to Mr Hayat asking for information regarding a submersible pump which was at the service station and whether it was suitable in flammable atmosphere. The Business Safety Inspecting Officers also formally requested information regarding the significant findings of the station’s fire risk assessment at the same time.

In court, the Magistrates said that they were disappointed with the way in which Mr Hayat had handled the situation and that as an experienced petrol station owner he should have been aware of all the legislation that must be adhered to in order not to put people’s lives at risk. They also stated that the Fire Service had had to spend a significant amount of time trying to make the petrol station safer.

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