Nottingham landlord fined £29,000 following severe safety breaches

Posted 22/09/2016 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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Yet another landlord has been fined after it was found that he was putting his profit before tenants safety.

Nottingham HMO Ltd, which is directed by Mr Nazaquat Azam and previously Mr Yusif McCallum, was found guilty of HMO regulations and fined £29,000.

Nottingham Council had visited the premise previously to assess whether it was suitable for a HMO License. Upon inspection, it was found to be in severe disrepair with serious lack of management. There was even found to be an infestation of rats in the kitchen.

It was heard how Nottingham HMO Ltd ignored the advice given to them, instead choosing to prioritise profit over safety hence leading to their conviction.

Nottingham Council have emphasised that they will continue to ‘rigorously enforce the law’ to ensure that rented housing in Nottingham meets the correct safety standards for its tenants.