North London Council introduces fire safety for Tower Blocks

Posted 01/03/2016 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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Barnet’s council chiefs reaffirmed their fire safety commitments in large blocks of flats after a series of fires over the previous 12 months. The fires increased the fear of the safety of the residents living in the flats. After a report was carried out it was found that there has been 18 individual fires over the past 12 months caused by electrics, kitchen appliances and faulty boilers. These fires were investigated by the council, it was found that one of fires made an entire block evacuate.

Ahmet Oyener, the council chief responsible for housing and housing regenerations, stated the residents’ safety is the highest priority for the council. He said “As such we have a comprehensive fire safety management plan in place to protect tower block residents from fires. This includes conducting comprehensive risk assessments to identify fire hazards in all premises, the installation, testing and maintenance of fire equipment and warning signage and weekly safety inspections of estates and tower blocks by trained staff. We also investigate all fires to identify the causes and take the most appropriate action to prevent a repeat.”

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