London landlord fined after cramming 28 tenants into only 7 rooms

Posted 28/07/2016 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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A Stoke Newington landlord has been fined £20,000 after it was discovered he was cramming 28 tenants into only seven rooms.

The dangerous conditions were uncovered after Hackney Council Investigators along with police carried out a dawn raid on the terraced property which is comprised of two storeys and an attic.

Not only was the house extremely over crowded, it was also found that the property had no fire alarm or HMO licence. Consequently, Mr Alfred Landau was prosecuted to which he plead guilty. The prosecution ordered him to pay fine of £20,000 plus a further £1,845 in costs.

Hackney Council are looking to crack down on private renters who are taking advantage of London’s housing crisis, dishing out a number of strong penalties.

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