London fire brigade give ’12 days of Christmas’ a serious makeover

Posted 16/12/2016 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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London Fire Brigade has turned to humour in a bid to prevent hoax calls from wasting their time this Christmas. Describing incidents that relate to the traditional ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ song, they will be tweeting using #12DaysXmas to deter people from using 999 unnecessarily in the capital. Examples of these incidents include a woman calling to get firefighters to come and warm up her baby’s milk (eight maids a milking) and a goose being stuck on a roof (six geese a laying).

In the last five years there has been around 8,600 hoax calls and 2,868 animal rescues. This year the fire brigade are urging people to contact RSPCA if they see an animal in distress rather than 999. This Christmas twitter campaign is estimated to reach millions of tweeters, however it is being highlighted that despite the Christmas cheer there is a serious message to be taken from this campaign.