London Borough, Barnet, to target rogue landlords with fines already amounting to more than £200,000

Posted 17/06/2016 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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Barnet in London have vowed to prosecute rogue landlords in their borough, with current fines standing at more than £220,000 this year alone.

The most recent landlord to be caught is Habib Khan, who is a Colindale landlord who has been ordered to pay £25,000 after putting his tenant’s lives at risk. Failures to meet fire safety regulations at his multiple occupation on Varley Parade included no smoke detectors or fire resistant fire doors and lack of gas/electrical safety test certificates. It is estimated that Mr Khan earns around £20,000 a year in rent from the property.

Other landlords fined include the owners of ten studio flats in Golders Green; they were charged £120,000 after it was discovered the lives of around 20 tenants were being put at risk.

The chairman of Barnet Council’s Housing Committee said that huge fines reflected the seriousness in which the council view landlords who fail to manage and license their rented property.

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