Lincolnshire landlord fined after putting tenants at risk

Posted 16/11/2016 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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Mr Ikram Mohammed Qutab, a landlord from Boston in Lincolnshire, has been handed a fine of £15,000 after putting the tenants of two properties at risk with insufficient fire safety precautions.

Mr Qutab, who is the owner of the Red Cow Hotel and the Great Northern, pleaded guilty to 7 offences at Magistrates Court last week. All the offences relate to an inspections which were carried out at both the premises that he owned, which revealed concerns about the fire alarm system.

At the Red Cow a fire escape was damaged, internal fittings were in disrepair, electric sockets were damaged, fire doors were not fitted, there were trailing cables on the fire escape route and a smoke detector was covered. The inspections uncovered similar problems at the Great Northern as well. The windows and kitchen fittings were either damaged or beyond repair and the fire detection system was faulty.

Councillor Michael Cooper, Boston Borough Council’s cabinet member with responsibility for housing, property and community, said: “This sounds a clear message to those prepared to ignore or take a chance with the rules around HMOs, which are required by law to be licensed and must be maintained as satisfactory living accommodation.

“It is not acceptable for doors and windows to be broken or for common and shared kitchens and bathrooms to be dirty.  It is criminal when fire detection systems do not work, fire doors are not installed and electrical appliances and sockets are in poor condition or not properly installed so that people are put at risk.”

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