Hotel owner fined for fire safety offences

Posted 28/04/2016 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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Gary Gregory, who owned the Cambria Hotel in Torquay, has been fined £16,000 after admitting 3 fire safety offences. The offences were failing to act on the findings on a fire risk assessment which was carried out in 2011, an unsuitable alarm and detection systems, and fire doors were not of a satisfactory standard. For each offence Mr Gregory was ordered to pay £3,800 (totalling £11,400), £4,604 for costs, and a £120 victim surcharge.

The magistrates court said “We hope you realise how seriously we view this case. We have taken a long time to deliberate and come to a decision because of the seriousness. You must realise the risks placed upon the people that used your hotel. You had a fire risk assessment carried out in 2011 with clear recommendations that you chose to ignore and put people at risk. It is important to stress that the vast majority of hotels and guest houses in Devon and Somerset comply with the necessary requirements of the fire safety order to ensure that their premises are safe.”

Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Service Business Support and Legal Support Officer, Glen Wells, said “The Service only takes legal action in the courts where failures are very serious. But where those failures put lives at risk or where profit is put before safety it will not be tolerated.”

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