HMO Landlord fined after breaching regulations

Posted 12/02/2016 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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The landlord of Beckhall Properties Ltd, Stockport has been fined for breaching management regulations totaling up to £12,400. £11,000 for 11 separate offences, £1,280 to pay for the city council’s costs and £120 for a victim of the crime surcharge.

A Whalley Range, owned by Beckhall Properties Ltd, resident complained to Manchester City Council about the premises being in poor condition in May 2015. Council officers investigated the property and found a number of management regulation breached including:

  • Defective fire alarm
  • Faulty fire extinguishers
  • Fire door that did not meet the regulation requirements
  • Stairs in dangerous condition
  • No building safety certificate for the electrics

The council proposed a meeting with Beckhall Properties Ltd under caution to discuss the concerns in the building, however the council received no response to organise a meeting.

Beckhall Properties Ltd.’s representatives failed to attend the Magistrates’ hearing and the case was proved in their absence. The companies building, self-contained flats, must meet the required management regulations under Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) legislation. The regulations ensure the minimum safety standards are maintained, this including the fire and gas safety.

Bernard Priest, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Councillor, stated “We take the issue of tenant safety extremely seriously and the size of the punishment shows the court shares our concern. Let this action send a message to any unscrupulous landlords – who may be considering neglecting their legal obligations – that we will not hesitate to prosecute”

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