Heavy fines for Wearside carehome following breaches of safety

Posted 05/04/2016 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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The bosses of Donwell House Carehome in Washington have been charged and admitted to five breaches of safety rules, amounting fines of around £400,000.

Following a blaze in a bedroom at the home back in 2014, Tyne and Wear Rescue Service uncovered the failings. It was discovered that doors in the property had been wedged open which allowed smoke and heat to dangerously fill the corridors where the fire had broken out.

Due to this, the employees working in the home at the time were unable to access the elderly resident who was trapped inside her room resulting in the fire brigade having to rescue her from a first floor window.

This wasn’t the only failing that was discovered however, it was also found that the operators of the home had failed to carry out recommendations which had been suggested in the previous fire risk assessment which included the installation of electronic devices to aid with the opening and closing of fire doors. Nearly half of the homes fire extinguishers which were present on site had also been condemned by a contractor.

Shaftesbury Care Group Ltd, who were in charge of Donwell House Carehome have admitted the offences and were ordered to pay a £380,000 fine plus £29,222 in costs.

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