Our fire safety training courses are not only essential to your company, but they’re completely bespoke to you, and designed to be interactive and interesting, as well as informative.


Our dedicated and extremely highly qualified fire safety trainers have dozens of years of collective fire protection experience, with many of them having held positions as fire service trainers.

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We provide 3 types of fire safety training:


Basic fire awareness training, including:

Principles of the chemistry of fire
Classifying a fire
What to do in the event of a fire
How a fire spreads
Use of fire extinguishers
Managing human behaviour in a fire


Fire warden training, including:

All the elements of basic training, as well as additional ones to match their increased responsibilities
Evacuation procedures
Fire risk assessment
Audit techniques
Development of fire emergency procedures


Fire risk assessment training, including:

Expert tuition on how to conduct a fire risk assessment, utilising our years of experience
Conducting a mock risk assessment in a practical scenario, after receiving theoretical input

Employers are legally obliged to provide fire safety training for their whole team. Let us help you by asking about our fire training today – call 0191 523 7870.