An emergency is an extremely pressurised situation, especially in a workplace with a high number of people inside. To ensure as low a risk as possible, you need to make sure there’s a rigorous evacuation drill in place and that your team is fully aware of it.


We are experts in helping you ensure your fire emergency evacuation plans are as effective as possible. It’s not enough to introduce a plan for evacuation – you need to ensure those responsible for fire safety on your premises have been fully trained, and that all of your preparations for an emergency are tested.


You should undertake periodic fire evacuation drills to make sure your plan works smoothly, to find any weaknesses and ensure your staff training has been effective.


We can help you schedule periodic evacuation drills, monitor their effectiveness and help train your on-premise fire marshals.

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Make sure your team is prepared for any emergency by speaking to our safety consultants about your evacuation drills – call 0191 523 7870.