Fire warning for restaurant owners after 70 rescued from kitchen blaze

Posted 01/03/2017 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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Four fire engines and 21 fire officers were called to a Whetstone High Street restaurant after a fire broke out in the kitchen on Sunday morning. The fire department believe the accumulation of grease in the extraction system was the cause of the fire.

The restaurants ducting was gutted from the ground floor to the first floor of the three-story building. The blaze also damaged a small part of the roof as the flames took hold.

A spokesperson for the London Fire Brigade warned that the restaurants had a duty to make sure their kitchens are properly cleaned: ‘’Restaurant and take-away owners should always take care to make sure their extraction systems are kept clean as a buildup of fat and grease within the filters can lead to a fire.’’

The firefighters spent two hours bringing the situation under control.

“Crews had to extensively cut away ducting, which ran from the ground floor to the roof of the building, to find out where with the extractions system the fire was located,’’ explained the spokesperson. The fire was believed to be accidental.

All members of staff inside were evacuated safely when the fire occurred.

The spokesperson also told us, ‘’The building, which is also home to a gym, night club and a children’s soft play area, was also evacuated by around 40 other people before the Brigade arrived. Fire crews helped a further 25 people to leave the gym and play are. Fortunately, no one was reported to be injured.’’

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