Wet and dry riser systems are designed for fighting fires, and need to be installed by trained personnel like the experts at MacDonald Martin.


We’re a leading supplier and installer of Wet and Dry Risers – we can advise if your environment would benefit from a wet or dry system, and then help from start to finish with installation to make your workplace that bit more protected from fire emergencies.

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What are Wet Risers?

Wet fire main water supply pipe installed in a building for fire-fighting purposes and permanently charged with water from a pressurised supply, and fitted with landing valves at specified points.


Where there are floors higher than 50 m above fire service access level, wet fire mains should be installed owing to the pressures required to provide adequate fire-fighting water supplies at the landing valves at upper floors and also to ensure that water is immediately available at all floor levels.

What are Dry Risers?

A dry riser is a vertical pipe which is installed in a building for fire-fighting purposes, fitted with inlet connections at fire service access level and landing valves at specified points. It is normally dry but is capable of being charged with water usually by pumping from fire and rescue service appliances.

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