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Fire sprinkler systems can help stop a fire from spreading – it’s as simple as that.


We work closely with a partner company, which has a huge amount of fire protection experience, to analyse each available fire sprinkler system and offer you several designs that are best suited to dealing with the specific hazards on your premises.


All of our systems are designed, supplied, manufactured and installed to meet standards and legislation, meaning you can sit back and relax while we provide you with the perfect fire sprinkler system.

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What is a fire sprinkler system?


A means of providing fire protection at the crucial early point in the fire’s progress


If a fire occurs, the sprinkler systems detects the fire and smoke and triggers a system to the local fire service


The sprinklers are activated and instantly start to dampen the fire


This allows people to be evacuated successfully and fire fighters to attend the incident

We also offer:

Water supply check – a strong, constant water supply is absolutely essential for a fire sprinkler system to perform optimally. We can perform a check on your water supply, make recommendations for any improvements and install suitable water storage tanks and pumps if you need them too! A complete service, tailored to you.

Pressure check – this is a system that uses a pump to boost the incoming water supply to the sprinkler without causing damage. We can also provide a full assessment of your premises to see if one of these is required.

Did you know: There has never been a fire-related death in a building with a fully maintained sprinkler system in the UK!

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