Factory owner’s fire safety ignorance results in huge blaze

Posted 26/05/2016 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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The owners of a factory in Gwent, South Wales have been fined a sum of £30,000 after an investigation following a blaze in July 2014 uncovered numerous fire safety issues.

Brick Fabrication Limited admitted to eight fire safety charges in court following the fire which required 58 firefighters and 14 fire appliances in order to extinguish the flames. Inspectors who conducted the investigation found that some significant findings, which had been highlighted in a fire risk assessment two years previously, were not acted on. One of these included the installation of an appropriate fire alarm system, after the current system was deemed unacceptable. It was reported that on the day of the fire, two members of staff were totally unaware of the impending danger and only escaped to safety after discovering flames and smoke.

The company were fined £22,000 as well an additional fine to pay fire service costs which totaled £8,635. One of the charges included not providing adequate fire safety training for employees. It is hoped that the heavy fines will serve as a warning to other companies who try and swerve fire safety laws.

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