Whether it’s your computers, your printer, or the kettle you use to make your morning coffee, it’s highly likely your company uses electrical appliances every day.


Don’t let lack of safety measures turn these everyday essentials into a ticking timebomb.


PAT stands for Portable Appliance testing, and a portable appliance is classed as any appliance that is plugged into a mains supply and either uses, stores, or transmits electricity – ie. just about every appliance on your premises.


A badly maintained electrical appliance can introduce a serious risk of fire or injury into your business. In accordance with the Electricity at Work regulations, and British Standard Regulations, all appliances must comply with Portable Appliance inspections and tests (PAT).


We can coordinate and manage a full PAT testing regime and provide fully maintained records to show your compliance with government regulations – with minimal disruption to your business.

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