Right now, as you’re reading this, there are electrical systems conducting power throughout the building around you.


These systems are part of everyday life, and must be inspected and maintained regularly in order to prevent them from becoming a risk to your premises.


Fixed wire testing, also known as fixed installation testing, hard wire testing and periodic inspection and testing (amongst others) involves the testing of electrical services and systems that conduct the electricity around a building.


It covers all the hard wiring in a building and involves performing a sequence of extremely rigorous visual inspections and electrical tests, and as such requires an expert – that’s what MacDonald Martin can provide.


These testing procedures can inevitably cause some disruption on site whilst they take place, but we understand how important it is to keep this disruption to an absolute minimum, and work as effectively as possible.


We’ll also produce a comprehensive report on our finding, and alert you immediately if any dangerous conditions are identified.

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To find out more about why you should invest in fixed wire testing, call us on 0191 523 7870.