Canterbury committee members call for change

Posted 17/01/2015 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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Canterbury City Council is calling for changes to be made regarding the laws surrounding the new development of new timber-framed housing. It comes after the worst residential fire in Canterbury’s history since the blitz completely destroyed fifteen houses and left a further twenty nine damaged. Despite this, no recommendations or reports on how to improve fire safety in the premises has been compiled.

The authority is now pushing for the government to make changes which would make sprinklers a requirement for all new multi-storey timber-framed building developments. This was raised at the council’s policy and resources committee meeting, along with fitting all buildings with life saving devices despite the fact that amazingly there were no fatalities in the blaze.

It is completely understandable why members see this as an important issue in their county, with Council leader Simon Cook adding the fact that they will be ‘contacting other councils to ask them to join us in lobbying central government to change the building regulations’.

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