Brand new development sparks fireproofing worries

Posted 03/03/2016 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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Residents of a brand new housing development located in Manchester City Centre have been instructed to move out following worries over the state of the fireproofing in the property.

Islington Wharf Mews, which started construction in 2005, are expected to be out of their homes for up to 10 months for the work to be carried out. Devastating for home owners, with many of the houses and apartments only having been purchased in the last year.

It is reported that ISIS Waterside, who are the firm in charge of the build, employed a private contractor to carry out the fireproofing within the building rather than the council. Following a visit from the town hall’s building control department alongside Manchester’s fire department, the alarm was raised regarding the construction.

Although the council don’t necessarily have to carry out the job, an approved constructor should be chosen however in this case a private company was used. It is thought that ISIS Waterside had received all the necessary Building Regulations approvals and certification at the point of sale, meaning there was no reason to suspect any non-compliance.

An investigation is underway regarding how the issue has occurred. ISIS Waterside are in constant contact with the residents of Islington Wharf Mews to ensure that the problem is solved as fast and efficiently as possible.

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