Bradford teenager praised for saving children during fire

Posted 21/01/2016 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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Jibril Fairs, 13 years old, saved his friend Tony Chiem, aged 9, and his sister Karen Chiem, aged 8, from a fire when a hoverboard exploded. Jibril pulled the children out of the living room upstairs to the bedroom where he rang 999. Jibril followed instructions he remembered to prevent the smoke from getting into the room. All three of them got out of the house with the help of Tony’s mother.

Tony and his family are staying at a friend’s house as all his possessions had been destroyed, he said “Everything in there was a good memory to me… now it’s just burnt, all gone.” Jibril said “So much smoke started coming out. Then all of a sudden it went boom and exploded. My first instinct was to get out the door so I grabbed Karen because she’s the youngest and I shouted ‘Tony come on’, so I grabbed them and I took them out.”

The West Yorkshire Fire Service praised the teenager’s bravery and actions. Mark Helliwell from the fire service said “The teenager’s quick-thinking actions are certainly commendable and he later said that he remembered the fire service advice given in his school talk in Year 5.”

The fire service said “It was likely that lithium batteries in the hoverboard overheated and exploded or ignited.” However, they couldn’t confirm this was the cause of the fire.