Birmingham landlord fined over £24,000 after fire safety failings

Posted 31/05/2016 by Macdonald Martin Ltd.

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A Birmingham landlord has been fined £24,158 in fines and costs after it was found he had breached a number of fire safety regulations and failed to hold a HMO licence.

Mr Salih Mahfood Hassan Mohammed did previously own a HMO licence for the property; however this expired in May 2014 and despite numerous warnings it was not renewed. The case was later passed on to Birmingham City Council from West Midlands Fire Service after concerns were raised regarding fire safety within the premise.

Inspectors who visited the property found a number of failings including a failed alarm system and blocked escape routes. The self-closers on the fire doors were also not functioning, the front door lock was faulty as well as the rear garden being overgrown and crowded with rubbish.

It was noted in court that Mr Mohamed had left the country for a period of time. Despite this he still ensured that a friend was collecting the rent on his behalf but failed in ensuring that his tenants had safe living conditions leaving them at severe risk.

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