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Safety in the workplace is an extremely important responsibility for employers and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s fire safety, electrical safety or first aid training, we have a passion for creating safe and secure environments for companies across the country. We can meet the most demanding performance requirements for the creation, development and supply of innovative safety solutions, completely tailored to your workplace.

Our Services




From fire extinguishers to alarms, we have the knowledge and equipment to provide the maximum in effective fire safety for your company. Find out more…


Electrical Work

A serious hazard to your company if not implemented correctly, we can test your electrical systems and appliances to make sure you’re not at risk. Find out more…


Training Courses

Including fire safety, health and safety and first aid, we can enable you to deliver the highest quality of training and development to educate your team on the importance of workplace safety. Find out more…




It’s inevitable that every corporate workplace can be susceptible to security risks, no matter how careful you are. Understanding these risks is key to minimising them, and MacDonald Martin can provide expert advice to help. Find out more…


A safer workplace means a secure business — contact us on 0191 523 7870 to start the process.


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Want to invest in the safety of your workplace? Call us today on 0191 523 7870 to start the process.

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