Ansul introduced the concept of automatic restaurant fire suppression in 1962, at a time when kitchen fires were one of the greatest causes of restaurant loss.


Since then, advances in engineering and materials technology have helped make Ansul restaurant fire suppression systems the #1 food service fire protection solution in the world – and we are accredited installers.


In today’s commercial kitchens, higher temperature cooking oils and high efficiency, slow-cooling appliances such as deep-fat fryers have combined to make fire suppression more challenging than in years past. But the fact remains: the need to protect people and property from fire is crucial.


Which systems do most restaurant trust to do this? ANSUL R-102 which we are accredited installers of.


The key element of an ANSUL Restaurant system is it’s ability to quickly detect and suppress fires. They use advanced extinguishers to ensure flames are contained and put out as rapidly as possible, and that appliances are cooled quickly to minimise downtime.


We’ve installed ANSUL fire suppression systems across the UK – get in touch today to find out how we can help you on 0191 523 7870.